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NEWS Last modified on April 15, 2013

New Clear Channel airport TV network takes shape in US

Clear Channel’s airport television channel, ClearVision, is set to be launched at its third US gateway, Airport World can reveal.

Clear Channel’s airport television channel, ClearVision, is set to be launched at its third US gateway, Airport World can reveal.

The digital TV network was unveiled at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in February and is also now present in Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Clear Channel Airports (CCA) is now set to announce a third unnamed airport imminently – with more to follow by the end of 2013.

CCA believes there is scope for higher revenue streams in a market, which, until recently, was only served by CNN.

It is understood the market is worth about $10 million a year but CCA is confident it can squeeze more out of advertising on airport television networks.

Denver International Airport has this year issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for digital television services, and CCA president, Toby Sturek, believes more gateways will begin to issue RFPs in future.

He said: “Normally, this type of product – digital TV network – doesn’t go for RFP, but Denver has now released an RFP.

“Previously, CNN has been able to negotiate directly with airports because they were the sole source provider but I expect to see more RFPs now.

“We just launched Raleigh Durham and it’s our second airport, with New Orleans being the first, and we’re really excited to be there.

“We have several other airports that we’re speaking to and there’ll be another announcement very soon.”

CCA believes its ClearVision product has the edge over its competitors in terms of variety.

In terms of entertainment, ClearVision has partnerships with Access Hollywood, Bravo, CBS, CelebTV, C-Net, Cooking Channel, E!, DIY, Fox, Game Show Network, HGTV, NBC, Style Network, Travel Channel, and Funimation.

News sources include ABC, Associated Press, CBS, Dow Jones, Freshwire, FOX Business News, NBC, WSJ and the Weather Channel.

For music, channels include Blastro Networks, Billboard magazine, FILTER magazine, VH1, Universal Music Group, Columbia Records, Disney Records.

And for sports, there is content from Golf Channel, Indycar, LPGA, MLB, NAUTICAL CHANNEL, NBC Sports, PGA Tour and Universal Sports.

Sturek added: “What we pride ourselves on is the variety of content. We have more than 150 different content providers. That is the single biggest benefit that we deliver.

“Secondly, we’re very confident that we can deliver an increase in advertising sales through this product.”

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