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NEWS Last modified on April 22, 2013

Design for Jakarta's new showpiece terminal unveiled

Jakarta–Soekarno Hatta International Airport’s new Terminal 3 is being designed to “send a message to the world” about Indonesia’s evolution.

Operator, Angkasa Pura 2, also wants the new 380,000sqm showpiece facility to reflect the country’s technological, political and cultural aspirations.

The latest artists impressions give you the chance to judge for yourself what you think of the efforts of the terminal’s design team.

One thing for certain is that the new 25mppa terminal – primarily being built to accommodate Garuda Indonesia’s fast expanding international and domestic fleet, will be one of the most impressive facilities in the Asia-Pacific region when it opens for business in late 2015/early 2016.

Woodhead, the lead designer for the architecture and interiors of the new complex, is confident that new terminal will be “a model of efficiency and comfort overlaid with the curation of Indonesia’s unique cultural and environmental experiences for passengers.”

It also believes that the distinct design of T3 will create a sense of place that expresses the local and regional identity of Jakarta and Indonesia.

Woodhead states: “In the design of contemporary airports, we need to look deeper when preparing an authentic cultural interpretation for the future that addresses the airport’s civic function.

“The concept for the interiors seeks to integrate artwork and cultural references into the structure and materials. A further expression of cultural diversity unified into one gigantic work of art.”

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