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NEWS Last modified on April 26, 2013

Airport Cities: Emerging Markets

Mumbai Mumbai

Steven Thompson reports back on the second day of the 2013 Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition (ACE), in Ekurhuleni, South Africa

The second day of ACE saw Prof John Kasarda introduce speakers who covered the issue of airport cities in emerging markets.


Sanjay Khanna, of GVK, talked about Mumbai's ambitious SkyCity project.


He revealed GVK was on the brink of gaining government approval for the development.


The 200 acre space, next to the airport, will have 20 million sq ft of development potential.


There will be conference and exhibition facilities, hotels, retail and leisure, and a specialist hospital.


Khanna said: "it has been a three year planning process and we are just about to get approval from the government. I think it will be a nice development for the city of Mumbai."


Graham Bolton, of ARUP, then painted an encouraging picture of the scene in emerging markets. 


He said there was "fertile ground for Aerotropolis developments" adding that they already form an integral part in master planning for new airports.


He added: "We need to look to combine expertise in aviation and urban design and success depends on collaboration between stakeholders.


"Finally, we have to be patient and realise that these things take time. 


"We are creating something that our children and grandchildren will be able to use."




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