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NEWS Last modified on April 29, 2013

Satisfaction levels on the rise at Sydney Airport

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has revealed that passenger satisfaction levels at Sydney Airport are at their highest levels for 10 years.

According to the ACCC’s monitoring report released today, greater value and choice across the airport and strong investment in improved facilities are the key reasons for rising satisfaction levels.

“We’re listening to our customers and are taking their feedback on board,” enthuses Sydney Airport's CEO, Kerrie Mather.

“As a result, improving our facilities, increasing capacity and providing more value and choice for our customers across the airport has been a key focus and we’re delighted that the results were reflected in today’s ACCC report.

“In fact, Sydney Airport was the only airport to have increased its passenger rating this year, a result of the investments we’ve made to add capacity, streamline check-in, screening and arrivals processes and add value for passengers, including free WiFi and improved terminal facilities."

Mather says that other initiatives, such as some of the cheapest airport parking rates in Australia – the gateway claims that its prices are a third cheaper than Sydney's Central Business District – have also played a part in boosting satisfaction levels.


“Since we introduced online parking offers 18 months ago, we’ve seen an increase in people parking at the airport as nearly 200,000 customers have taken advantage of discounts of up to 73% off standard rates and daily rates as low as A$5.95," says Mather.

"As a result, since the period of the report we’ve also invested significantly in more parking capacity, including a new 2,300 space multi-storey car park at T1 and more spaces at the Blu Emu long-stay car park to meet the demand generated by our value offers."

She continues: “We’ve invested strongly this year in major construction and improvement works across the airport, including the construction of a terminal extension and addition of five new gates at T2 – Australia’s busiest airport terminal – and more check-in capacity and SmartGates at T1. 

“As a result, passengers have experienced shorter waiting times for check-in and arrivals, as well as shorter waiting times for taxis."

Mather is quick to point out that the airport has invested more than A$2 billion in new facilities and additional capacity since 2002 and says that the trend will continue in the future to ensure that Sydney Airport meets the rising demands of its customers.

“Our development concept plan to evolve Sydney Airport into two integrated terminal precincts with international, domestic and regional services in each will unlock more capacity and ensure we have an airport for future decades," says Mather.

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