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NEWS Last modified on May 2, 2013

ACI-NA issues Contract Weather Observer (CWO) statement

ACI-NA president, Greg Principato, today issued the following statement regarding the FAA’s decision to extend the Contract Weather Observer (CWO) Program at airports across the country until at least the end of the Fiscal Year 2013.

The FAA will also be reinstating CWO services at the 14 airports where these services were discontinued yesterday.

“The work of ACI-NA and our member airports on this issue over the past several weeks played a direct and critical role in achieving this result," said Principato.

“ACI-NA is extremely pleased that the FAA will be taking time to work closely with airport operators and other affected stakeholders on its CWO transition plan.

"ACI-NA will continue to work with the FAA and our member airports over the next few months to ensure airport operator concerns are addressed.”

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