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NEWS Last modified on May 3, 2013

UK’s Airports Commission appoints expert panel

A government commission into the UK’s long-term aviation capacity needs has appointed an advisory panel of environmental, engineering and transport experts.

The commission has also announced how it will sift the proposals it is inviting on adding long-term airport capacity.

In February, the commission invited submissions on how the UK can meet its long-term airport capacity needs. Scheme promoters have until July 19 to submit proposals.

Criteria to sort through these submissions will apply an integrated approach, taking account of “the full spectrum of relevant issues”, said the commission.

Economic, social, environmental and operational factors will be considered, including the impact of new infrastructure on local economies and quality of life.

Launched in November 2012, the commission is due to report by the end of 2013 on the steps the UK must take to remain an air hub, with recommendations for immediate action to improve the use of runway capacity in the next five years.

By summer 2015, the Airports Commission should give its assessment of the options for meeting international connectivity needs, with a view on the optimum approach.

The 13 experts named today as participating on the panel will include Professor Callum Thomas, professor of sustainable aviation at Manchester Metropolitan; Dr David Quarmby, chairman at RAC Foundation and previously chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority and British Tourism Authority; Dr Andrew Kempton, chief noise specialist at Rolls-Royce; and Professor Peter Mackie, research professor of transport studies, University of Leeds.

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