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NEWS Last modified on May 9, 2013

Halifax International Airport Authority reveals record year

Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) made $1.6 million last year and will reinvest the money into the gateway, HIAA has revealed.

The airport also saw record passenger traffic.

HIAA generated $52.5 million in operating revenues ($51.1 million in 2011) and collected $26.9 million in airport improvement fees ($26.8 million in 2011), for total revenues of $79.3 million ($77.9 million in 2011).

Total expenses for 2012 were $77.7 million ($74.4 million in 2011).

Overall in 2012, revenues exceeded expenses by $1.6 million ($3.4 million in 2011). The surplus revenue is retained and reinvested in Airport operations and development.

In 2012, Halifax Stanfield welcomed 3,605,701 passengers (3,594,164 in 2011). This marks the airport’s busiest year and accounts for over half of all the air passengers in Atlantic Canada.

Tom Ruth, HIAA’s CEO, said: “In 2012, we had our busiest year for passenger traffic; opened our newly extended main runway; updated our five-year strategic plan; and delivered a positive bottom line.

“We also introduced new ways to enhance the airport experience for both travellers and workers – including Metro Transit bus service; our complimentary travel magazine SOAR Halifax, and through social media.”

In 2012, Airports Council International recertified Halifax Stanfield as Airport Service Quality Assured – the international gold standard for passenger service excellence – making it one of only 12 airports in the world to reach this level of customer satisfaction. 

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