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NEWS Last modified on May 9, 2013

Blue Grass Airport installs new video walls

Kentucky's Blue Grass Airport has partnered with Hammond Communications Group to install two new video wall displays.

The displays will offer advertisers a cutting-edge approach and increased flexibility for delivering marketing messages to more than 525,000 annually arriving passengers.

Located in the airport’s high-traffic baggage claim area, each display consists of six 46-inch LCD screens that provide a 10-foot wide panoramic display. 

Equipped with the most current technology, advertisers can showcase long-term or short-term advertising campaigns in a variety of formats including dynamic video and static images.


“This is one of multiple steps the airport will begin to take in the next few years to create a more tech-savvy environment,” said Eric Frankl, executive director of Blue Grass Airport. 

“By adding these displays, we can deliver a high-impact advertising value to both the client and passengers from around the world.  As our community continues to expand towards high-tech, entrepreneurial development, it is only fitting for the airport to incorporate the latest technology in the terminal.”

These high-definition displays also reduce production costs for advertisers and allow for simple, time-sensitive changes to messages. 

Advertisers will have the flexibility to design their message across all six screens on each unit or use smaller portions of the display to show multiple messages. 

The new digital displays also allow advertisers to rotate between several different messages, and ads can easily be updated as needed.

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