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NEWS Last modified on May 14, 2013

Toronto Pearson to launch airport gym

Toronto Pearson International Airport will launch its own gym this September.

Passengers will be able to visit the custom-designed GoodLife Fitness Club in Terminal 1 – the first ever in-airport location for GoodLife.

David Patchell-Evans, GoodLife CEO, said: “I travel back and forth across the country on almost a weekly basis, visiting more than 300 of our clubs.

“Since we have over 80 Clubs in the Greater Toronto Area, I land at Toronto Pearson most of the time and I kept thinking that it would be amazing to have one of our clubs in the terminal so that I could workout while I was waiting for my flight.

“I knew that this would be great for other travellers and our members too.”

Passengers will be able to store their luggage for free while they work out.

The gym will have cardiovascular equipment with personal viewing screens; strength training equipment and free weights; lounge area with massage chairs; modern changing rooms with private showers and lockers; and a towel service.

Howard Eng, CEO for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, said: “This new facility will offer an enhanced travel experience for passengers.

“We’re also pleased to be able to provide airport employees access to the facility and support a healthy living lifestyle.

“We could not think of a better way to provide a healthy and positive environment at Toronto Pearson than through the partnership with GoodLife Fitness.”

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