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NEWS Last modified on May 20, 2013

Self-service bag-drop to launch at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is introducing self-service bag drop facilities, which will make check-in even easier for passengers at the airport while also reducing airline costs.

The new solution will initially be available to passengers flying SAS and Norwegian.

Copenhagen Airport has signed an agreement with Norwegian-based DSG, which will be supplying 12 self-service bag-drops. 

This will allow passengers to get through Copenhagen Airport even faster since the self-service bag drops will significantly reduce the time passengers have to spend checking their baggage.

Marie-Louise Lotz, head of passenger service at Copenhagen Airport, said: “By far the majority of our passengers already check in on their own, either online, on their mobile phones or using one of the 83 check-in kiosks at the airport; and the opportunity to print and attach bag tags and drop their bags directly on the baggage belt means that passengers can get to their flights even more quickly than before.

“Moreover, our passenger surveys show that travellers very much prefer do-it-yourself solutions, so we expect that the self-service bag-drop service will result in even greater passenger satisfaction.”

Copenhagen Airport expects to start using the new self-service bag-drops towards the end of 2013.

Eight self-service bag drops will be opened in Terminal 3 and four in Terminal 2, and the service will initially only be available to passengers flying SAS and Norwegian, which together serve about 60% of all passengers flying out of Copenhagen.

In the longer term, the goal is to offer self-service bag-drop facilities to the largest possible number of passengers.

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