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NEWS Last modified on June 6, 2013

Gatwick Airport conducts world-first trial of biometric aircraft boarding

London’s Gatwick Airport is conducting a world-first trial of a new biometric automated aircraft boarding system.

The system is currently in use by passengers on selected flights in the North Terminal.

Designed to improve security, passenger experience and operational efficiency, the technology has already received positive feedback from passengers, airport and airline staff.

Powered by Human Recognition System’s MFlow solution, integrated with hardware from other specialist vendors, passengers check-in using designated self-service bag drops and enrol themselves biometrically via iris recognition technology.

For passengers travelling with only hand baggage, the enrolment process takes place at security ticket presentation.

The trial programme enables enrolled passengers to pass through automated self-service gates to board an aircraft.

Chris Baldwin, change manager at Gatwick, said: “At Gatwick we are always looking at how we can improve and enhance the experience of our passengers.

“This innovative trial is an excellent example of how we are using cutting-edge technology to shape the future of travel through our airport.”

John Tonkiss, CEO at Human Recognition Systems, added: “MFlow is already deployed in London Gatwick’s South Terminal for passenger identification and verification.

“This latest trial uses technology from the same proven platform but applies it to self-service, going a long way towards transforming the passenger experience.”

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