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NEWS Last modified on June 10, 2013

Birmingham Airport unveils plans for second runway

The UK’s Birmingham Airport has unveiled ambitious plans to become a two runway airport with the same capacity as Heathrow by 2026.

The plans also include development of a business park for the region’s manufacturing sector alongside an expanded airport site.

The development would coincide with new high speed rail links, meaning passengers could get a train to London in under 40 minutes.

Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport, said: “Great cities like Birmingham deserve great airports.

“In 20 years’ time British air travel will double and it is widely acknowledged that all the country’s long-haul traffic cannot be routed through one airport in West London.

“Instead, we believe that the best thing for UK aviation is to create a network of long-haul national airports, each supporting the comparative economic advantages of that region to boost trade, foreign investment and tourism.”

Expanding Birmingham Airport alongside the high speed rail project is a “once in a generation opportunity”, the airport said.

In its submission to the independent Airports Commission, Birmingham has called for a network of long haul airports in the UK.

Other proposals under consideration, include expansion at Heathrow, or new four-runway hub.

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