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NEWS Last modified on June 12, 2013

ACI honours its ASQ winners in Istanbul

ACI has honoured recipients of its annual 2012 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards at the ACI Europe and World Annual Congress and Exhibition in Istanbul.

Four new airports were also inducted into the Director General’s Roll of Excellence, which recognises airports that have ranked among the top five in Airport Service Quality (ASQ) for five years.

Inductees include:

Cancún International Airport

Juan Santamaria International Airport

Malta International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

ASQ Awards were presented in four categories that included: best airport by region, best airport by region (fewer than 2 million passengers per year), best airport by size, and best improvement.

The best airport worldwide award category has been discontinued to focus more attention on categories that facilitate comparison, particularly airport size and region.

ASQ Award Recipients

Airports with fewer than 2 million passengers per year

Upington (Africa), Skopje (Europe), Victoria (North America).

Best Improvement

Mombasa (Africa), Sanya (Asia-Pacific), Faro (Europe), Santo Domingo (Latin-America-Caribbean), Abu Dhabi (Middle East), Winnipeg (North America). 




1. Cape Town

2. Durban

3. Cairo

4. Mauritius

5. Johannesburg


2 – 5 million passengers

1. Hohot

2. Guayaquil

3. Ottawa

4. Chiang Mai

5. Winnipeg



1. Seoul Incheon

2. Singapore

3. Beijing

4. New Delhi

5. Hong Kong


5 – 15 million passengers

1. Nagoya

2. Hyderabad

3. Tianjin

4. Wuhan

5. Sanya



1. Moscow Sheremetyevo

2. Malta

3. Edinburgh

4. Keflavik

5. Zurich


15 – 25 million passengers

1. Seoul Gimpo

2. Chongqing

3. Taipei

4. Hangzhou

5. Tampa



1. Cancun

2. Guayaquil

3. Montego Bay

4. San José

5. Barbados   


25 – 40 million passengers

1. Seoul Incheon

2. New Delhi

3. Mumbai

4. Tokyo Narita

5. Shanghai Hongqiao  


Middle East

1. Abu Dhabi

2. Dubai

3. Doha

4. Tel Aviv

5. Bahrain  


Over 40 million passengers

1. Singapore

2. Beijing

3. Hong Kong

4. Shanghai Pudong

5. Guangzhou

North America

1. Indianapolis

2. Ottawa

3. Tampa

4. Sacramento

5. Jacksonville




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