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NEWS Last modified on June 13, 2013

Myanmar: Yangon International Airport prepares for huge passenger growth

Myanmar’s Yangon International Airport (YIA) is predicting 20% annual growth.

The country is preparing for a surge of visitors for the 27th South East Asian Games, which it will host in November 2013.

U Win Ko, general manager of YIA, said: “Since 2008, passenger numbers at Yangon Airport have nearly doubled to three million, and by 2015, we expect to handle more than five million passengers annually.

“Over the last year, we have seen the airport grow from 14 to 22 airlines, which means we need to increase our capacity immediately, while also planning for the future.”

The airport has installed new common-use systems from SITA.

SITA is providing its AirportConnect Open system, which enables airlines from around the world to easily use the airport’s check-in counters and gate resources.

As part of the installation, SITA is also supplying the country’s first self-service check-in kiosks, which will offer passengers quick and easy check-in.

Ilya Gutlin, SITA president for the Asia-Pacific region, said: “Myanmar is poised to become Asia’s next big aviation market. The airport’s new common-use system will help maximize its current infrastructure and provide world-class service to international airlines, while facilitating more efficient passenger flows and improving service levels.

“This will put the airport in an excellent position to welcome new entrants and will help set the stage for the significant growth expected in the future.”

Yangon International Airport is Myanmar’s main international airport and the second-largest airport in the country.

It serves seven domestic airlines and 22 international airlines including Qatar, Malaysia Airlines, Air India and Air China. 

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