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BLOG: Edinburgh Airport boss on a year to remember

Edinburgh Airport CEO, Gordon Dewar, writes about the progress Edinburgh Airport has made in the 12 months since it came under new ownership.

Is it really a year since Edinburgh Airport was sold by BAA to GIP?

It certainly doesn’t seem like that. Time flies. But then again, we’ve been busy. 

On day one, we shared our simple philosophy of how we approach running Edinburgh Airport.  We want people to feel good about travel and help put some of the glamour back into flying. 

We’ll do this by providing choice, both in terms of the routes we offer and the experiences passengers can have.

So that was laid out very clearly and I think we’ve delivered on it.  Our passengers have certainly noticed and they tell us exactly that. 

They notice the new routes that our new deals with easyJet, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have brought, they use the free Wi-Fi we’ve introduced, they notice the rebrand of the airport, and they value the changes we’ve made in our security and terminal areas.

Since our change in ownership the new management team has also set about sharpening its focus on customer service, and working with the airport’s many key players to strive for higher standards for our passengers.

We have the only airport customer charter in Europe that involves all of the organisations on our campus. 

This is unique and it is already delivering for our passengers where that single view of success, shared by all, drives partnership and further ambition for all of our businesses.

Our passenger commitments will set out three key objectives of Edinburgh Airport:

- To deliver excellent customer service

- To provide a seamless journey through the airport

- And to provide passengers with choice

But what year one has done above all is show us the untapped potential in this airport. 

We want to make Edinburgh the place where Scotland meets the world and to do this we’ll prioritise the passenger experience from the moment they arrive at the airport to check-in, to when they board their aircraft. 

Throughout the last 12 months we have continued to work closely with our retail partners to strengthen the relationships and help shape our common goal to provide our customers with the best. 

We hope to delight our passengers with further investment over the next five years which, apart from funding improvements to facilities, including the range of shops in the international arrivals area, will also include greater efficiencies.

This isn’t easy, especially when we’re enjoying our busiest year on record and have more passengers than ever going through our doors.

It’s a great problem to have and we’re constantly investing in our services to make sure that as we get busier, standards remain high.

So we will enter our second year with not only a renewed focus on our passengers, but a new identity. 

The mammoth task to rebrand our airport was completed just a few weeks ago when I unveiled a new sign outside our terminal building. 

Now you can see, in big bold letters, our commitment to make Edinburgh Airport the place where Scotland meets the world.  

This responsibility lies squarely with us at the airport, and it is for us to provide the leadership required to ensure that Edinburgh Airport provides a warm and friendly welcome to all passengers.  It is a responsibility we relish.

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