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NEWS Last modified on June 19, 2013

SITA survey finds surge in airline business intelligence

Airlines are ramping up spending on finding out more about their passengers, according to an annual survey by air transport communications and IT specialist SITA.

While a fifth of airlines in last year’s survey had no business intelligence (BI) plans, all the carriers in this year’s study aim to invest in this sector.

By 2016, 97% of the airlines also intend to invest in mobile passenger services and personalisation, which will help boost transactions via direct channels from 54% up to 67% of sales, said SITA.

SITA CEO Francesco Violante said all airlines are now investing in business intelligence to improve their operations and boost revenues.

“We see a strong desire to increase revenues using techniques borrowed from the retail industry, including personalisation,” he said.

“Nearly three quarters of airlines rate business intelligence for sales and marketing as a high priority. The airlines’ investment plans show the future of the industry is smarter, more mobile and more personal.”

SITA’s Airline IT Survey, produced in conjunction with Airline Business, also underscores the pressing need for business intelligence.

Only 9% of airlines currently rate data quality as meeting all their requirements, while just 7% have achieved the necessary integration of different data sources from across their company, said SITA.

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