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NEWS Last modified on June 25, 2013

Christchurch Airport brings baggage hall to life with "living wall"

Christchurch Airport has installed a “living wall” in its baggage reclaim.

The New Zealand gateway’s CEO, Jim Boult, said the wall is already popular with visitors and has become a backdrop for photos.

“We’ve literally breathed life into our airport, by installing a huge image of Aoraki Mt Cook with the region’s vegetation planted underneath it,” said Boult.

“There’s more than 2500 plants in the Living Wall, with 22 different varieties of plants across an area of 29 square metres.

“The feature purifies the air, reduces noise pollution, acts as a carbon sink and is a calming environment for travellers and visitors – plus, of course, it looks amazing.”

The wall is another step in Christchurch Airport’s focus on the environment.

In 2007, the airport became the first Southern Hemisphere airport to attain certified carbon neutral status, through reducing and offsetting greenhouse gases.

Boult added: “The Living Wall is not only stunningly beautiful and intriguing, but also a reminder of the South Island scenery so many visitors come to this country to see.”

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