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NEWS Last modified on June 25, 2013

Is this Lamborghini part of Heathrow Airport’s new deluxe ground support fleet?

When a bright yellow €300,000 supercar appeared on Heathrow’s taxiways last month, some wondered if the London gateway had splashed the cash on a new luxury ground support fleet.

Heathrow bosses have not, however, purchased a Lamborghini to transport VIPs from the terminal to their private jets – the car was at the airport as part of a stunt for a car magazine.

The airport invited TopGear magazine to join the airside operations team for a day, and instead of using one of the airport’s regular pickup trucks, the magazine sent one its writers in a Lamborghini Aventador.

His job was to assist the airside team in their daily duties, including monitoring runways for debris, smoothing traffic flow and escorting aircraft.

Derek Provan, Heathrow’s airside director, said: “We have over 26,000 drivers registered to drive airside, so it’s vital that everyone knows what to do.

“TopGear wasn’t treated any differently, and the guys did a good job. With over 1,300 flights a day, it was actually very useful to have another pair of eyes on the ground.”

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