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NEWS Last modified on June 26, 2013

Record profits at Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport has reported profits of US$725 million for the last financial year.

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) declared a final dividend of US$567 million to the Hong Kong SAR Government.

With the latest dividend, AAHK will have paid the Government a total of US$3,916 million in terms of dividends and return of capital since fiscal 2003/2004.

Passenger throughput and flight movements set new records, increasing by 4.1% to 57.2 million and 4.7% to 355,000 respectively in 2012/2013 compared with the same period last year.

Both also surpassed 20-year forecasts by some years.

Cargo throughput rebounded as total cargo handled rose 2.9% to 4.04 million tonnes and HKIA was ranked the world’s busiest cargo airport for the third consecutive year.

Stanley Hui Hon-chung, CEO of AAHK, said: “The revenue growth was largely driven by strong air traffic and increased passenger spending at retail concessions.

“Looking ahead, we expect air traffic and passengers spending to continue its growth momentum, resulting in healthy increase in revenue.

“To cope with the anticipated growth in air traffic in the medium term, 48 new aircraft parking stands in the apron and Midfield area will be commissioned in phases within the next two and a half years.”

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