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NEWS Last modified on July 1, 2013

Dubai plans low carbon footprint at new concourse

Concourse D at Dubai International Airport will feature environment-friendly measures such as 192 rooftop solar panels to cut its carbon footprint.

Green initiatives at the new concourse extend from the use of renewable energy to construction with locally sourced and recycled building materials.

A 450sqm array of 192 solar panels on the roof is set to meet 1.8% of the concourse’s power needs while reflecting light to help keep the building cool.

Dubai Airports’ CEO, Paul Griffiths, said environmental initiatives for Concourse D support the industry’s target of carbon-neutral growth by 2020.

“With Concourse D we are taking another significant step towards providing our passengers with a more sustainable way to travel.”

Insulation will be combined with thermal technology that absorbs heat during the day to radiate it at night. In addition, the building’s overall volume has been reduced to cut cooling demand.

Lighting will be activated by daylight sensors and have low heat intensity.

During construction, DAEP aims to source at least 10% of building materials from within 800km of Dubai International and to use 20% recycled material.

At least half of wood-based material, by cost, will be certified by Forest Stewardship Council criteria.

Dubai Airports has described the new concourse – set to host more than 100 airlines from 2015 – as having the feel of a shopping mall.

A multi-level atrium surrounded by retail and food and beverage outlets will feature conversational-style seating rather than traditional benches.

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