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NEWS Last modified on July 2, 2013

John Lewis to open flagship store in Heathrow's new Terminal 2

Heathrow today unveiled the latest retail tenant to have signed up for its new Terminal 2 – John Lewis, which is investing €1.1 million on its new store.

The upmarket British department store will boast a 3,600sqft outlet in T2, which opens for business on June 4 next year.

It promises to offer the best of home, fashion, gifting and seasonal ranges and will showcase many of its own-brand products, designer collaborations and exclusives.

Located on the top floor of the departure lounge, it will form part of the first impression for passengers passing through security.

Terminal 2, which will also be known as The Queen’s Terminal’, is the latest phase of the five-year, €12.8 billion transformation of Heathrow.  

Heathrow’s retail director, Muriel Zingraff-Shariff, said: “We’re excited to bring John Lewis to Heathrow and share this much loved British retail brand with our international audience.  

“Our passengers love the retail experience at Heathrow and this shows our commitment to delivering stores that will delight them and bring real value to their journey. 

“It’s just one of the reasons we’ve been voted Europe’s Best Airport at ACI’s 9th annual Airport Awards.”

Andy Street, managing director, John Lewis said: “This new opening is a huge and exciting step forward in developing our international strategy, giving us access to one of the most concentrated, valuable and influential markets in the world. 

"We recently made clear our ambition to further develop our online presence internationally in addition to increasing our international wholesale business. This opportunity at Heathrow perfectly complements and enhances these initiatives.”

Built and designed with passengers at its heart, Terminal 2 will be a spacious, open terminal with multi-lingual ambassadors and personal shoppers on hand to help customers make the most of their journey.

Heathrow is home to some of the world’s most successful retail space with annual net sales of nearly €2 billion.

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