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NEWS Last modified on July 3, 2013

San Francisco airport invites pop-up shop proposals

The pop-up shop phenomenon has reached San Francisco International Airport, which is now accepting proposals for pop-up retail outlets at its Terminal 3.

Boarding Area E in the terminal offers two retail locations, both scheduled to open in January 2014.

The airport is offering concessions for the non-exclusive sale of retail merchandise that reflects the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Successful proposers will be offered the chance to operate one of the two locations, for either six months or one year.

The spaces will be move-in ready with fixtures provided, and will require minimal costs to start up, said the airport.

Rent will be set as a minimum annual guarantee plus 8% of gross revenues above $300,000.00.

The minimum annual guarantees are $18,000 for Space 1 and $24,000 for Space 2.

Proposals must be received by 2pm, August 2, 2013.

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