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NEWS Last modified on July 8, 2013

Toronto Pearson overhauls duty free at Terminal 1

Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is working with retail partner, Nuance, to transform the duty free shopping offering in Terminal 1 with the addition of a host of luxury brands.

Luxury brands such as Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Omega, Gucci, Mont Blanc and Ferragamo will feature in what Roberto Graziani, Nuance’s president and CEO, describes as a “new, innovative retail concept”, due to open by year-end.

“It delivers a totally new shopping experience to guests,” he said.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the airport management for their trust in Nuance and for their very competent and collaborative approach.”

As part of the duty free redevelopment, global travel retailer Nuance will develop more than 1,900sqm in Terminal 1, including 370sqm of new space.

The company’s contract with GTAA has also been extended for five year.

Pamela Griffith-Jones, GTAA's VP of Guest and Terminal Services, said the overhaul will take the duty free experience to “a new level”.

“We know our guests will be excited by the high-end offerings and that a new store concept will give them the airport shopping experience they are looking for,” she said.

“This is another example of how Toronto Pearson is delivering on our brand promise to provide our guests with more branded shopping options.”

The store is specially designed for Toronto Pearson and will incorporate global best practices focused on optimising store navigation, product visibility and in-store communications, said GTAA.

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