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NEWS Last modified on July 25, 2013

UK travellers switch to coaches for airport trips

More airline passengers in the UK are starting their journeys by coach than ever before.

National Express, the UK’s largest coach operator, has seen demand on airport routes climb 17% over the year to date, compared with the same period last year.

Almost 3 million passenger journeys on National Express have gone to UK terminals this year, prompting the company to launch new services.

A tie-up between National Express and Ryanair has helped drive the expansion.

Under a deal announced in April, travellers can book their coach to the airport along with their flights.

Tom Stables, National Express’s managing director UK Coach, said passengers are shifting from taxis and trains.

“More and more people who are fed up of forking out for expensive taxis or standing on overcrowded platforms, will be looking for affordable alternative ways to get to the airport and jet off on holiday,” he said.

Stansted Airport’s public transport development manager, Steve Mils, said new National Express services are improving the airport’s travel links with London.

“National Express already makes a significant contribution to Stansted’s record of over 50% of passengers using public transport,” he said.

“We look forward to continuing our long and successful partnership as we build on this excellent achievement.”

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