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NEWS Last modified on August 5, 2013

Dixons unveils new travel retail concept at Gatwick Airport

Dixons Retail has unveiled the first in a series of new concept stores for its travel brand, Dixons Travel, in Gatwick's South Terminal.

This concept store will be the blueprint moving forward for other store designs in the Dixons Travel portfolio.

Instead of offering traditional POS (point of sale), the innovative new space features state-of-the art digital signage that shows the latest and greatest products and allows customers to easily browse for more information.

The sleek new store has been designed with the weary traveller in mind, with a more open and flowing feel and a shelf for tired customers to store their luggage whilst they pay for their purchases.

It will house 1,100 products across 1,466 square feet of space and feature a KNOWHOW bar, giving customers hands-on tech advice and repairs. 

Dixons have also enhanced the in-store customer experience, utilising digital visual merchandising tables with 32-inch rear projection ‘floating screens’ over specially themed areas, creating a theatrical atmosphere to the overall product floor.

Jeremy Fennell, managing director for Dixons Travel, said: “This is the store of the future for us. We are focused on delivering a better range and store experience for travel customers, including a focus on portable items, accessories and other flight-ready products.”

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