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NEWS Last modified on August 6, 2013

Atlanta opens its first open-to-all VIP lounge

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has opened its first ‘common use’ lounge this month, which will allow passengers on any international flight access to VIP services for a small fee.

Lounge access costs $35 and allows passengers access to food, drinks, showers, entertainment and high speed Wi-Fi whilst waiting for their flight.

The Club at ATL spans 7,257 square feet with seating for 160 people and offers travelers a skyline view of downtown Atlanta through a two story glass wall.

Designed by Richard Wittschiebe Hand Architects of Atlanta, Georgia, it will be the sixth lounge to open at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.

"We are pleased to partner with Airport Lounge Development to bring our first common use VIP lounge to the international terminal," said aviation general manager, Louis Miller.

"The Club at ATL will offer all of our customers the comforts and amenities associated with a high-end airport lounge at an affordable price." 


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