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NEWS Last modified on August 7, 2013

Asean Open Skies initiative needs Indonesian participation – aviation academic

An Asian aviation expert has warned the impact of the Asean Open Skies initiative will be limited unless Indonesia is included in the scheme.

Dr Alan Khee-Jin Tan, professor of Aviation Law at the National University of Singapore, who is also an Asean expert, said he is “taking a very critical view [of Asean Open Skies].”

Tan was speaking at CAPA’s Australian Pacific Aviation Summit in Sydney today.

Governments across the region are aiming to have the new Asean Open Skies scheme a reality by 2015. 

Khee-Jin Tan said he was viewing the scheme skeptically as one of the largest economies and markets in the region – Indonesia – has not accepted the agreements.

“Indonesia is staying out as they are concerned that lots of traffic will be bled away through 6th freedom rights. Indonesian carriers are lobbying their government aggressively to stay out.”

He added that he believed the Asean Open Skies project does not go far enough as it stops at 5th freedom rights. He argued that true Open Skies is required in order for Asean carriers to truly serve the fast-growing markets in the region.

“You’ve got to have 7th freedom rights – and that is not even on the negotiating table,” he said.

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