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NEWS Last modified on August 13, 2013

Tenerife and Malaga airports lay on the tapas

Travellers at the two Spanish gateways can enjoy snacks with a local flavour at newly opened outlets from a top tapas brand. 

Café & Tapas branches are now serving a choice of tapas and pinchos, as well as coffees, near the check-in areas at Tenerife Sur and Malaga.


At the two new stores – and another outlet poised to open at Tenerife Sur – travellers can choose from perennial favourites such as ‘tortilla’, ‘patatas bravas’, Iberian ham ‘croquetas’, and meat balls in a classic tomato sauce.

With 169 cafés across the country, Café & Tapas is considered to be Spain’s leading tapas brand.

Café & Tapas is also known for its range of coffees, said SSP, the specialist in travel F&B that has brought the brand to the airports.

At Tenerife, the new 260sqm outlet is between the main check-in counters and can seat 120 customers.

Malaga’s café is also landside, close to the check-in desks.

Blanca Ripoll, managing director of SSP Spain, said the new Café & Tapas outlets stand out from other outlets, allowing AENA to add “a new dimension” to its food and beverage facilities at both airports.

“It works well for a travel location looking to add a quality coffee offer as well as a brand proposition that is distinctly Spanish,” she said.

“At both Malaga and Tenerife Sur, it’s proving popular with the holidaymaker who wants to keep the magic of a trip to Spain alive that little bit longer. While Café & Té has been a part of our brand portfolio for some time, these are our first Café & Tapas outlets, and we are delighted to be building our relationship with this highly successful Spanish brand.

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