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NEWS Last modified on August 14, 2013

Planning intensifies for Chopin Airport City in Warsaw

The operator of Warsaw Chopin Airport is now working with Arup on detailed plans for a business park next to the passenger terminal.

Under a contract signed with Polish Airports (PPL) on July 23, Arup will elaborate plans for a complex of 17 office buildings surrounded by greenery.

Construction work for the project – considered the first of its kind in Poland – is due to start in 2015, said Aleksandra Matuszewska, head of the Chopin Airport City project. 

Arup is due to complete a detailed land development plan by the third quarter of 2014.


“The task of the consultant is not only to develop a land development plan, but also to help us obtain a final environmental decision and planning permission, which, in turn, will allow us to work on the local land management plan,” she said.

Arup should deliver a detailed implementation schedule and also look into certifying buildings under the LEED green buildings scheme.

In the meantime, Polish Airports will set up a holding company to manage the entire project.

“We are currently working out details regarding the establishment of the company and assumptions for the business plan and financial forecasts,” said Matuszewska. 

Chopin Airport City is planned for an area of 22.5ha (22,5000sqm), of which 13.27ha would be covered.

Seventeen office buildings of up to eight storeys are due to be constructed, giving a usable floor space of 170,000sqm.

The buildings would be surrounded by greenery featuring water features and walkways.

Polish Airports is a state enterprise that manages Zielona Airport (IEG) as well as Chopin Airport (WAW) in Warsaw.

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