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NEWS Last modified on November 19, 2010

Dublin opens new Terminal 2

Dublin Airport's impressive new €395 million Terminal 2 opens for business today.

Dublin Airport's impressive new €395 million Terminal 2 opens for business today.

The first flight will arrive at the new terminal following an official opening ceremony on 19 November by Ireland’s Prime Minister Brian Cowen and airlines will begin transferring their services to the terminal from November 23 until early December.

The 15mppa capacity terminal is already an award winning facility having received a Structural Steel Design Award earlier this year.

Operator Dublin Airport Authority is also proud of its environmental credentials, claiming that it will use a third of the energy of most equivalent size terminal buildings.

Arup worked as prime consultant and design engineers on the project, while Mace was the construction manager and Pascall+Watson the lead architect. 

“When we received our commission for the masterplan of Dublin Airport and then the terminal we knew this development was one of national importance," says Alan Lamond, international aviation director for Pascall+Watson.

"Our solution was going to have to capture the aspirations and spirit of the country as well as celebrate the synergy between form and function, and deliver a world-class passenger experience."

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