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NEWS Last modified on August 16, 2013

San Diego Airport opens five more restaurants

San Diego International Airport (SAN) has five new dining options, including outlets from three national brands.

Qboda Mexican Grill, Red Mango and Peet’s Coffee & Tea are new serving travellers at the airport’s Terminal 2 West.


Alongside these independent brands, SSP America has also inaugurated outlets of its own UrbanCrave and Camden food co.

Terminal 2 West includes the Sunset Cove dining and shopping venue, part of the Green Build, a $1bn project to expand commercial offerings and open 10 extra gates.

Qdoba is a Mexican kitchen that aims to serve fast handcrafted meals from fresh, premium ingredients.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea is a leading specialty coffee and tea company, known for hand-roasted coffee.

Red Mango is a frozen yoghurt brand that reached the US from South Korea.

UrbanCrave offers street food in a distinctive no-frills environment.

Camden food co. targets health conscious eaters with locally produced and regionally sourced products.

With the new units, SSP America now has 17 restaurants operating at the airport, where it is the primary F&B concessionaire.

SSP America is also set to open additional outlets at SAN such as Jack in the Box, Pacifica Breeze, Panda Express, 100 Wines Kitchen and Upper Crust.

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