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NEWS Last modified on August 21, 2013

Virtual assistants push into new areas with button panels

Digital guides at airports are set to offer extra information and to switch language faster though push button menus.

While known for their high-tech human appearance, the virtual assistants that usher travellers to the right check-in desk are set to adopt old-school technology to expand their range of responses.


A new push button panel on the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra can now help airport passengers pick a language or access specialised information.

Up to 11 extra items can be added with the panel, which is customisable and can feature the client’s branding.

Virtual assistants can crop up in various airport locations to give security messages, answer common questions or promote retail facilities.

Through a back-projected film of a real presenter, the technology aims to give the illusion of dealing with a real person.

Virtual assistants already interact with airport passengers through touch screens, motion detectors and integration with smartphones.

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