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NEWS Last modified on August 27, 2013

Lebanese dishes extend Gatwick Airport’s dining options

Comptoir Libanais is set to open a Lebanese restaurant at Gatwick, the brand’s first branch at an airport.

At a 170sqm outlet at London Gatwick’s North Terminal, Comptoir Libanais will serve coffees, pastries and snacks as well as meals.

The restaurant will also operate as a ‘souk’, selling lanterns, teapots, handbags and cooking ingredients in a typical Lebanese setting featuring Middle Eastern patterned tiles.

Takeaway food will also be available at the branch, which will be run by TRG Concessions.

Gatwick was keen to attract Comptoir Libanais after its marketing team found that travellers want a wider choice of cuisines served at high-quality restaurants, said the gateway.

The airport’s marketing team worked with You Gov, talking with passengers at their gates to find which brands they would like at Gatwick.

Comptoir Libanais’ new restaurant is due to open at an airside location in late autumn.

Charlotte Christiansen, business development manager for catering at London Gatwick, said the airport’s F&B strategy is focused on expanding choice as part of a £1bn (€1.2bn) airport overhaul.

“Comptoir Libanais will offer an exciting new dining experience thanks to its unique ambiance and exceptional menu, which caters for a wide variety of tastes,” she said.

“It also fits perfectly into the needs of the modern air passenger – serving up healthy, flavoursome food in a timeframe to suit each individual’s needs.”

Comptoir Libanais has several branches across London.

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