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NEWS Last modified on September 5, 2013

JAL scents an opportunity in unique lounge fragrances

Passengers at Tokyo and Sapporo airports will soon catch the first whiff of Japan Airlines’ bid to grab flyers by the nose.

Japan Airlines (JAL) is launching its own unique aroma oil, poised to drift across the carrier's airport lounges in Japan over the coming months.


From September 10, travellers at JAL’s domestic and international lounges will find there’s something in the air – a special blend of Japanese cypress, Hinoki leaf and pine needles.

Perfume experts Midori Makishima and Chihiro Murai have mixed up two unique aroma oils for JAL.

A morning aroma oil blends Japanese cypress from Nagano Prefecture, Hinoki leaf from Aomori Prefecture, pine needle from Hokkaido Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture, as well as sandalwood.

In the evenings, travellers will catch a hint of Yuzu from Kochi Prefecture and Hinoki leaf from Aomori Prefecture, along with rosewood, lavender and vetiver.


JAL is aiming to create a more comfortable and graceful atmosphere for its customers as they wait to board, said the airline.


While the morning scent will be a "gentle and refreshing fragrance in the peaceful morning", the evening aroma is conceived as "luxury fragrance with sophisticated richness". 


The oils will first be wafting out from JAL’s domestic and international lounges at Tokyo’s Haneda and Narita airports, as well as the carrier’s domestic lounge at Sapporo (New Chitrose).


From October, passengers can sniff out the new aromas at JAL’s main airport lounges across Japan.

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