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NEWS Last modified on September 5, 2013

DHL lands 10-year contract for deliveries at Gatwick Airport

DHL Supply Chain has clinched a £24m (€28m) deal to handle Gatwick’s inbound deliveries at a new logistics centre at the airport.

Under the contract, deliveries to the airport’s 150 partners and retailers will be sent through the new consolidation and logistics facility and delivered across the gateway.


DHL claims the new operation will cut congestion and deliver a major carbon dioxide saving by reducing “final mile deliveries”.

The company’s in-house StyleFlow system will manage the flow of goods from suppliers to get stock rapidly onto airport store shelves, said DHL.

David Valentine, logistics programme leader at Gatwick, said the deal will help provide a great passenger experience.

“Providing our partners and retailers with an efficient and secure platform supported by a solution that gives full visibility and tracking of their products is essential – it’s what DHL is known for, making them our ideal partner,” he said.                   

Paul Richardson, managing director of Specialist Services at DHL Supply Chain, said DHL recognises the need to keep airport partners and retailers “front of mind”.

“Driving and delivering change within the airline and airport communities is a key focus for DHL – and this partnership will definitely help us do that,” he said. 

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