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NEWS Last modified on September 6, 2013

Nuance heads to Bulgaria with Fraport tie-up

Varna Airport (VAR) will deliver 790sqm of shopping under a joint venture between the retailer and Fraport Twin Star Airport Management.

Varna Airport’s revamped terminal is offering extensive retail options through an agreement between the airport’s operator and a Nuance offshoot.



Retail at the gateway includes a walk-through duty free store, an arrival store, a gateshop and speciality stores, said Nuance BG AD, a joint venture between Nuance and Bulgarian Airways Group.


A Temptation store will offer fashion watches and jewellery, while Atelier sells women’s leather accessories, and Sun Catcher features premium eyewear.



Varna’s appeal as a tourist destination draws 1.2m passengers through the gateway each year.


Cengiz Iman, Nuance GM Turkey and Bulgaria, said travellers would experience “a truly modern environment with an exciting range of local and international products and brands”.



Across 790sqm of retail space, passengers can browse across perfumes & cosmetics, liquor, tobacco, confectionery, local food & liquor, toys, sunglasses, leather goods & bags, and watches & jewellery.


The concessions are expected to deliver €180m in sales over a five-year term.



Fraport inaugurated a new terminal at Varna at the end of August.


The new building triples the airport’s space for passenger services to almost 20,000sqm.



In tune with its tourism traffic, the new building offers a “holiday feeling”, featuring local motifs such as sunflowers, said Fraport.

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