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NEWS Last modified on September 10, 2013

Vancouver extends automated passport control to Canadians

Canadian as well as US travellers at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) can now speed through passport checks by using self-service kiosks.

Vancouver Airport Authority’s automated passport control technology has been opened up to Canadians flying from Vancouver to the US.


Together with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the authority launched the programme for US passport holders on May 7.

Passengers enter information at self-service kiosks, answer a few questions and take a photo.

The kiosks then issue receipts that travellers hand to their CBP officer, who performs an inspection to complete an accelerated procedure.

Craig Richmond, president and CEO of Vancouver Airport Authority, said the authority is constantly seeking ways to move people and bags through the airport more efficiently.

“Because of the demonstrated success of automated border clearance and now automated passport control, other airports are approaching us to help them implement these YVR-designed programmes," he said.

Automated passport control has enabled each CBP officer at YVR to handle four times as many passengers, according to the authority.

The system was also found to be 89% faster than typical CBP primary inspection, cutting time spent in queues by a third for all travellers - including those not using the automated system.

Vancouver Airport Authority has already provided the technology to Chicago O'Hare, the first US airport to implement the system, and is working with Montreal-Trudeau Airport and Delta Air Lines at JFK’s Terminal 4.

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