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NEWS Last modified on September 11, 2013

Lyon launches its sound identity

Aéroports de Lyon (ADL) will communicate with passengers through music, with a single sound identity to reflect its image.

The operator will broadcast the music throughout the Lyon-Saint Exupéry terminals. The goal is to install auditory cues to reassure and provide “emotional comfort” for passengers.

ADL aims to convey its values through harp and piano chords, supported by an ascending rhythm that “embodies a company looking to the future”.

Conceived and custom-made by LR Music, the sound identity was created with the help of passengers selected from the ADL Facebook page.

Two jingles were produced from a two minute-long piece. One is devoted to automatic regulatory messages every 15 minutes landside, and the other, “more assertive”, for information messages.

The sound identity is planned to be introduced at Lyon-Bron as well as ADL’s telephony, including on-hold music and online media.

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