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NEWS Last modified on September 24, 2013

ACI-NA and Airside Mobile debut mobile passport control

Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) and Airside Mobile have debuted the Mobile Passport Control (MPC) smartphone app, designed to reduce waiting times by the end of this year.

The app, developed in partnership with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), will be available for both Android and iOS users.

Once available, MPC could reduce waiting time for the primary inspection process clearing into ports of entry at US airports.

Passengers input their customs declaration and passport information and upload a photograph directly to the CBP system at the airport.

CBP then decides whether to send the user through expedited or regular clearance, and sends its response back to the app.

Deborah McElroy, interim president of ACI-NA, enthused: “Mobile Passport Control represents a tremendous breakthrough in improving a part of air travel that can prove tedious to many travellers entering or returning to the US.”

ACI-NA and Airside Mobile worked in collaboration with CBP’s Office of Field Operations and Office of Informational Technology for the development.

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