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NEWS Last modified on September 25, 2013

Rental car centre opens at Boston Logan

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) has unveiled the new $310m Rental Car Center (RCC) at Boston Logan International Airport.

The 120,000sq ft customer service centre and four-level garage has space for all nine rental companies and includes a new, unified shuttle bus system.

All diesel-powered rental car buses will be eliminated now as traffic drops from around 100 buses an hour to 28 fuel-efficient, hybrid buses, resulting in an anticipated 70% drop in vehicle miles and a 35% decline in airport-related emissions.

The new bus system allows passengers to be dropped off on the upper level of the terminal, and picked up from the lower level to take them to the RCC or MBTA Airport Blue Line Station.

Massport’s CEO, Thomas Glynn, commented: “The opening of the RCC is an opportunity to improve customer service and get passengers to their destinations faster.

“It also allows for the opportunity to rationalise the terminal kerb assignments benefiting customers and neighbours with an integrated bus service.”

New colour-coded signage and countdown clocks were introduced prior to the RCC’s opening.

Furthermore, a new operations centre in the RCC utilises video displays to track roadway traffic, passenger demand along the terminal kerbs alongside taxi and bus queues.

The RCC aims to achieve LEED Silver certification and features 616 solar panels on its roof, providing 150kW of power.

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