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NEWS Last modified on September 25, 2013

Nuance to trial whisky water at Zurich

Travel retailer Nuance will exclusively trial Uisge Source waters from World of Patria International (WOPI) at Zurich International Airport from later this month.

The three specially-selected spring waters come from sources close to distilleries in key whisky regions in Scotland – claimed by experts to enhance the taste of those particular whiskies.

Passengers will have the option of single 100ml bottles from the Islay, Highland and Speyside whisky regions, or a Three Regions Selection pack.

Nuance Global head of liquor, Kevin Baker, enthused: “Nuance offers travellers an excellent portfolio of premium and super premium whiskies from across Scotland, many of which are exclusive to the category.

“We feature our Malt range by flavour profile, so it makes sense for us to further enhance that message with the perfect range of natural spring waters for whisky that complement our selection.”

Andy Butcher, WOPI’s director, added: “Uisge Source Waters are proving very popular in domestic markets in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia – so we’re certain there is a market for the line in travel retail.

“Uisge Source is just one example of how WOPI aims to bring products to travel retail that are a little bit out of the ordinary – it’s a line that we feel will bring incremental sales to retailers.”

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