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NEWS Last modified on September 27, 2013

Incheon International Airport breaks ground on Terminal 2

South Korea’s busiest airport, Incheon International, has broken ground on its $2.5bn Terminal 2.

Designed by the Heerim-Mooyoung-Gensler-Yungdo (HMGY) consortium, the 72-gate, 7.4 million sq ft terminal will be completed in two phases.

The project, which also includes a second control tower, train station, parking facilities and an airside Intra Airport Transit (IAT), is set to almost double the size of the airport.

Keith Thompson, Gensler principal and leader of the firm’s global aviation design practice, commented: “We designed Terminal 2 to make travel at Incheon even more compelling, offering people unprecedented ease and convenience.

“It’s a large international terminal, yet it will be very intuitive to navigate and present unique experiences like the vast interior gardens featuring native Korean foliage. Travellers will see this as a new benchmark for airports.”

Terminal 2 will incorporate advanced sustainable technologies to create an efficient, healthy and comfortable environment.

It will feature indoor green space with natural daylight, waterfalls, koi ponds, streams, luxury lifestyle centres and boutique shopping.

The new facility aims to provide the ability to shuttle business travellers from train to gate in 13  minutes.

The shape of the building was inspired by the Asian Phoenix and materials used throughout the terminal, including signage and graphics, will draw on textures and colours evoking Korean culture.

Incorporating photovoltaic panels and skylights, the terminal will also have vertical cores between floors, easing passenger wayfinding and bringing natural light and fresh air into the building.

Other amenities include VIP lounges; a landside shopping district; aircraft observation deck; a transfer hotel; and sculpture and exhibition areas.

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