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NEWS Last modified on September 27, 2013

Construction progressing on Dubai World Central’s cargo terminal

Construction of Emirates’ SkyCargo’s new terminal at Dubai World Central’s Al Maktoum International Airport is progressing as scheduled, with phase one set to complete in December.

The first phase will be followed by the installation of the cargo handling system and the interior fitting by April, with full completion due by mid-September.

The terminal will handle 700,000 tonnes of cargo – with further expansion of 300,000 tonnes in the second phase.

It will feature a fully automated ULD handling and storage system; offices; workstation areas; building service facilities; modern communication and security systems; canteens and other amenities.

It will also include 46 truck docks and 80 truck parking spaces, in addition to 12 aircraft stands directly in front of the terminal.

Nabil Sultan, Emirates’ divisional senior vice president, cargo, commented: “The development of our new freighter cargo terminal is progressing well.

“Once complete, it will be a modern and efficient cargo facility that can be expanded to meet our future growth requirements.

“The relocation of our freighter fleet to Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International Airport is an investment in our future, as the logistics and cargo development at the airport is set to become a major global cargo hub once complete, with world-class facilities and infrastructure.

Operations at the terminal will commence in April 2014 with around 250 staff, set to gradually increase to 500 when it is fully operational.

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