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NEWS Last modified on September 27, 2013

New C$9.5 million aeronautical facility for Montréal-Mirabel

Credit: Yvan Leduc Credit: Yvan Leduc

 Aéroports de Montréal-owned Mirabel International Airport will invest $9.5m in a new custom-built facility for French aerostructure firm, Aerolia.

The firm will use the facility to produce the equipped centre fuselage for Bombardier’s Global 7000 and 8000 business jets.

Henri-Paul Martel, vice president, planning, engineering and construction, ADM, commented: “Aéroports de Montréal offered to provide Aerolia with a turnkey facility to help the company establish its operations in Québec.

“In addition to the site’s inherent advantages, the offer was instrumental in Aerolia’s decision to open its first North American factory in Montréal-Mirabel’s industrial park.”

Aerolia will lease the facility under an initial 15-year agreement, with the option to renew for three further five-year periods.

The 7,300sqm building will house the head office of Aerolia’s Canadian subsidiary, as well as manufacturing workshops, a warehouse and logistics area.

ADM has commissioned Syscomax Construction to complete the project according to the design-build model.

The facility is due to be completed by early February 2014. ADM will finance the project and oversee quality control and workplace safety on site.

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