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NEWS Last modified on October 1, 2013

Mayor of London says building third runway at Heathrow would cause 'colossal' congestion

The Mayor of London says building a third runway at Heathrow Airport would result in more than 25 million extra road journeys.

In opposing expansion, reports claim Boris Johnson said it would cause ‘colossal’ levels of congestion alongside significant overcrowding on trains serving the airport.

The response was part of a report he gave to the government yesterday into long-term options for UK airport expansion put forward by the Airports Commission (AC).

Johnson is said to have claimed the costs of expanding roads and rail to cope with another runway at Heathrow have been underestimated.

Reports also say he advised the government he favours a larger four-runway hub airport to be built in the Thames estuary.

Chief executive of Birmingham Airport, Paul Kehoe, says the mayor’s review of UK aviation expansion options was an ‘interesting analysis’.

He said a vision for the future of Birmingham, which is the UK’s seventh largest airport – was also included in Mr Johnson’s report.

Kehoe said: “The Mayor of London’s review of the long-term options for UK aviation is an interesting analysis.

“We welcome the fact that he recognises our vision as integral to creating a truly national aviation strategy.”

He added Birmingham Airport’s vision will ‘incrementally increase’ available capacity in line with the development of existing projects such as UK Central and HS2.

The AC is led by Sir Howard Davies and examines the need for additional UK airport capacity and recommends to the government how this can be met in the short, medium and long-term.

It will publish an interim report in December.

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