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NEWS Last modified on October 1, 2013

Airport Carbon Accreditation continues to deliver

The airport industry has released an update on the voluntary climate change initiative, Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Launched four years ago, the independent, institutionally endorsed programme is backed by ICAO, UNEP and the EU’s Climate Action commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, and Transport commissioner, Siim Kallas.

It has also recently achieved a place in the Top 10 shortlist of the EU’s ‘World You Like’ contest, with final results due to be announced in November.

Olivier Jankovec, director general, ACI Europe; Patti Chau, regional director, ACI Asia-Pacific; and Ali Tounsi, regional director, ACI Africa, made a joint statement on the update.

“As the face of air transport on the ground, airports are mindful of the need to actively address their carbon footprints.

“In the four years since the launch of Airport Carbon Accreditation, the programme has really helped frame and support the collective work that airports are doing to make their operations more carbon efficient and their business more sustainable.”

The latest annual report showed that year 4 of the programme reduced more than 170,000 tonnes of CO2 – enough to power 71,000 households for a year.

With the support of ACI World, Airport Carbon Accreditation has progressed substantially since its launch.

In November 2011, the programme expanded to the Asia-Pacific region, followed by a move to the African region in June 2013.

Airports can address their CO2 emissions in various ways, including better insulation and energy efficiency; switching to green energy sources; investing in hybrid, electric or gas-powered service vehicles; implementing green landing processes, and more.

The programme requires voluntary application by each airport on an annual basis.

In Europe, 77 airports in 24 countries (including 14 that are carbon-neutral) are currently certified at one of the four levels of accreditation: mapping; reduction; optimisation; and neutrality.

With the addition of 12 airports in the Asia-Pacific and one airport in the African region, Airport Carbon Accreditation now comprises 90 certified airports, which welcome around 22% of global air passenger traffic every year.

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