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NEWS Last modified on October 2, 2013

Finavia introduces ArtCinema at Helsinki Airport

For the next six months, passengers at Helsinki Airport will have the opportunity to see works by Finnish media artists at the new ArtCinema.

The art cinema is part of the Art Port concept launched by operator, Finavia, in the World Design Capital year.

With the aim to “whisk visitors off to another world” from the “hectic airport milieu”, the exhibition uses digital communication technologies, often in combination with other forms of art, such as film, music, video, installation, theatre or performance art.

Airport director, Ville Haapasaari, says: “Passengers seem to appreciate this kind of airport experience. In the passengers’ minds, this is one way that Helsinki Airport differentiates itself from competing transit airports.”

Finnish companies, Pro Av Art, AV-arkki and Stockmann, are sponsoring the art cinema.

The exhibition’s curator, Anna Forsman, enthuses: “Enter the red interior of ArtCinema. Take a seat and allow media art to steer your mind to another world. Return with a refreshed mind, and enjoy your flight.”

The airport will exhibit monthly thematic compilations, starting with the Finnish people’s relationship with nature.

Located at gate 37, the ArtCinema is open to all passengers. Video works are displayed non-stop in the Art Gallery room.

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