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NEWS Last modified on October 3, 2013

Passenger waste to be recycled at Miami International Airport

Environmental footprint at Miami International Airport (MIA) will be reduced after its recycling programme was expanded to include passengers' waste.

The eco-initiative will see materials such as water bottles, soda cans, and cardboard food containers discarded by travellers recycled.


It has been increased after a new recycling contract at MIA was approved by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners on October 1.


Glass, plastic and metal containers will now benefit the environment along with paper and cardboard materials currently collected only in office areas.


As part of the initiative 100 recycling containers will be sited in the North Terminal in March 2014 and 500 in May where rubbish holders are located through the airport.


Miami-Dade aviation director, Emilio González, said: “The new recycling programme will deliver a major customer service enhancement to our environmentally conscious passengers.


“Everyone, and most importantly our environment, wins."


The 39.5 million passengers coming through MIA annually and 36,000-plus employees generate more than 6,000 tons of waste a year.


Miami Dade Aviation Department says 6% of all waste is now recycled, but expects it to increase to 20% by 2015.

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