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NEWS Last modified on October 15, 2013

Breakthrough in the opening of Berlin Brandenburg International Airport

Berlin’s new €2.5 billion airport is a step closer to becoming reality after Siemens signed a contract for the reconstruction of the smoke ventilation control system that has helped delay its opening.

According to Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, the work is necessary as some of the parts in the existing smoke ventilation control system – built by various third-party contractors – had “proved unworkable” in tests.

The advanced smoke ventilation control system will be reprogrammed after installation and jointly tested by experts and professionals from the airport’s fire protection system before it can become operational.

The gateway’s Bosch installed fire alarm system is ready and functioning, according to the airport.

Airport CEO, Hartmut Mehdorn, says: "Today's signing is an important milestone in the implementation of the Berlin Brandenburg [BER] we have achieved together as a team with Siemens. 

“In recent months we have accelerated our BER action plan SPRINT to develop viable solutions to the central problem of the fire protection system, which currently precludes the opening of the airport.

“We will now combine our work step by step to a comprehensive plan for the opening of BER.”

Siemens’ head of region east, building technologies, Jörg Marks, notes: “The deal is a good step forward for the realisation of the airport.”

No exact date has been set for the opening of Europe’s new €2.5 billion showpiece gateway, which was originally due to open in 2011 until technical issues with the airport’s fire protection system forced its indefinite delay.

It is hoped that the gateway will now open in the first half of 2014.

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