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NEWS Last modified on October 16, 2013

Expansion contract at Hong Kong International Airport awarded

Hong Kong International Airport has awarded a third expansion contract for further development to Atkins.

The design, engineering and project management consultancy firm has been awarded it by airport operator the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK).


Atkins will design the airfield and apron extension works, as part of an overall development plan to meet future demand.


A capacity study has discovered the airport needs ten more passenger aircraft stands to serve the Midfield Concourse Building, which is currently being constructed.

Atkins project director, Damian Creally, says:Over the last few years, the Hong Kong International Airport has grown in capacity, currently handling some 56 million passengers a year and is the world’s busiest airport by cargo traffic.

“Key to its future success is the expansion programme, which we are delighted to be involved with. Atkins has a history of working with the Hong Kong International Airport dating back to 1994 when we were appointed to design the airfield and apron pavements for the entire airport.”


The project includes the design of taxilanes and apron pavement, airfield and apron drainage systems, aviation fuel system and other works.

Completion of the scheme design is scheduled by mid 2014 with an option to extend the services for detailed design and construction supervision.

Hong Kong International Airport is also developing a third runway and is carrying out a range of other infrastructure projects.

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